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CITY WOMAN - Patricia Scanlan

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CITY WOMAN - Patricia Scanlan



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653 pages
Devlins flair and ambition ensure continued success for her City Girl health and leisure complex. Expansion is next on her agenda. But what of Luke Reilly, a man used to getting his own way? His interest is more than professional.Why does she keep running away from it? Soon Devlin is forced to make a decision that will have a huge impact on her life.Caroline, still coming to terms with her husbands revelations, has to do some serious thinking. For the first time in her life she is forced to face the consequences of her neediness. Can she face the future on her own or will she resort to the crutches of drugs and drink that have always carried her through?Maggie, torn between motherhood and career, finds hermarriage under threat. Her husbands total lack of supportenrages and frustrates her. When dishy Adam Dunne makes it more than obvious that he wants Maggie, she wonders why she should be loyal to a husband who has never been faithful to her.After years of putting other peoples needs before her own,Maggie has to decide if its time to put herself first.Patricia Scanlans sparkling, absorbing, warm-hearted sequel to City Girl is an engrossing story of contemporary women.

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Re: CITY WOMAN - Patricia Scanlan

Thank you very much
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Re: CITY WOMAN - Patricia Scanlan

+repped for the share
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Re: CITY WOMAN - Patricia Scanlan

Thanks and 5+ reputation for you
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